What’s happened since the book’s publication?

The third edition of the Pocklington biography, published in 2011, ended with Peter’s plea bargain in which he accepted a felony perjury conviction and was placed on probation. Since then, he has embarked on several ventures, including a gold-mining enterprise which has, perhaps not surprisingly, not been without controversy and not escaped the notice of the media. The most complete outline of his activities to date is included in the Wikipedia entry for Peter Pocklington.

“On September 20, 2013, a California judge sentenced Peter Pocklington to six months in prison, followed by a further six months’ house arrest for breaching his probation on his perjury conviction. The court had earlier heard evidence that Pocklington had, over a 19-month period, failed to disclose consulting fees paid to a company controlled by his wife. Pocklington argued that was not the case, that all income was reported through tax returns and bank statements. Nevertheless, California District Court Judge Virginia A. Phillips gave Pocklington until Dec. 9, 2013, to report to prison.

“At the time, Pocklington released a statement saying ‘I accept full responsibility for my actions.’

“On December 6, 2013, the CBC reported that Pocklington would appeal his sentence, had been released on $100,000 bail and would not be reporting to prison as ordered.”

Pocklington remains at home in Palm Desert, on bail awaiting his appeal hearing. His most recent appearance in public was his attendance at the Edmonton Oilers 1984 Reunion event, held in October 2014, at which he received a standing ovation in recognition of his contribution to building the five-time Stanley Cup hockey team and to Edmonton’s hockey fans.

“As an entrepreneur, as a dreamer, a visionary, a builder, you can never give up. There are times you’d like to — I’m as human as anybody — for maybe 10 minutes. But then you get your backside in high gear and move on.” ~ Peter Pocklington

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